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Silently Seizing - AAPC Publishing

Silently Seizing

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Up to 30% of all children have undiagnosed seizure disorders that cause serious behavior challenges!

National Parenting Products Award (NAPPA) Award Winner!

Up to 30% of all children have undiagnosed seizure disorders, to a great extent because they are difficult to diagnose and due to a lack of awareness and understanding. Caren Haines, with renowned behavioral child neurologist Nancy Minshew, MD, is determined to change that.

At age 2, author Caren Haines' son was diagnosed with autism. By the time he was 12, his diagnosis didn't account for his uncontrollable aggression, the acrid smells that lingered in his mind and the odd voices that screamed at him from inside his head. By the time he was 18, his out-of-control behavior mirrored a mood disorder with psychotic features.

Silently Seizing Common, Unrecognized and Frequently Missed Seizures and Their Potentially Damaging Impact on Individuals With Autism Spectrum Disorders: An Essential Guide for Parents and Professionals begins with a close-up look at this family's journey and examines a disorder that cannot always be identified in a clinical setting. Intersecting at two medical sub-specialties, neurology and psychiatry, the child who has autism and partial seizures is at a serious disadvantage.

By inadvertently allowing children's brains to "silently seize," we are robbing children of their ability to function well. When treated early with anti-seizure medications, many children show amazing gains in expressive language and comprehension. Many begin to speak and learn as many troubling behaviors begin to disappear.

Backed by up-to-the-minute research, this must-read book includes sections on what autism is, the seizure-autism connection, tips for diagnosing and treating seizures, as well as how to better understand children's behavior. To read more about the researchers involved in the development of this book, please refer to: www.silentlyseizing.com.


Caren Haines, RN, is the mother of an adult son diagnosed with autism as a young child. As a registered nurse, Caren relied upon her nurse's training to assist her in deciphering the origins of many of her son's perplexing behaviors. Based on knowledge gained from years of intensive research along with information provided by top researchers in the field of autism, she compiled this book to help families become free from the debilitating symptoms of silent seizures and psychosis. She is also co-author of a children's book, Georgie:The Flying Dog, which explores the concept of unconditional love and acceptance of our differences.

ISBN: 9781937473082

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